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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Isla-Maurica?
You can contact us by email, phone or through our online contact form on the price page of each property. For further contact details please click on “contact” or “imprint” in the navigation bar on the left.

What happens after I’ve sent a request?
After you’ve sent us a specific or unspecific request, we are committed in meeting your requirements. If the unit you have requested is available then we can immediately reserve the room, apartment, or villa. If the unit is unavailable during the requested time period then we will immediately send you some alternatives. You’ll then have a moment to take a closer look at the alternative proposals. 

If I send a booking request, is it binding?
No. First of all you can go through our list of accommodation offers in our portfolio and see which offer suits you best. Then fill out the quote request form on the price page or send us an email of properties you would like to have a quote for. We will then inform you of our offers.
First, we need to confirm the availability of the accommodation. The booking only becomes binding when you inform us by email afterwards that you would like to book the accommodation. We will then reserve the accommodation for you. Once you have paid, within the specified time frame, and we have confirmed receipt of the payment, then the booking is confirmed.

How do I know that my booking is successful?
We will send you various confirmations during the booking procedures through which we will guide you. Whether ist for airport transfer, receipt of payment and accommodation reservations. Unless you don't receive a confirmation from us, the booking is incomplete or unsuccessful. Please check whether our emails have been intercepted by your spam filter and are in your spam folder.

How secure is the data that I give when booking? 
We, IM Travel Services Ltd., take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We comply to data protection regulations and the protection of your privacy. Your personal information will be used only in accordance with applicable law or pursuant to any consent given by you. You always have the option to revoke any consent. Generally, we don't give personal information to any third party unless we are legally obliged to submit such details (eg. in use of law enforcement agencies). 

For a reservation request, we need the following information: first and last name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number, your arrival and departure dates, airline and flight number. 
Our partners will upon confirmation of a booking receive data informing them the names of the arriving guests, booking dates, services and flight details.

We operate in secure data networks that are protected by industry standards. We work with safeguards to ensure protection against modification, loss or misuse of your data. Especially in sensitive areas, such as the transmission of credit card information, we are anxious to give the highest possible security standard to protect your data. Only certain employees have access to the information that you transmit to us. Those employees who have access to your personal data are obliged to agree with the Data Protection Act.

What is included in the prices?
In relation to vacation rentals, prices depend on the number of units, persons and seasons. Price structures can vary from property to property as some owners set the rates per unit and others per person. Most properties in Mauritius that we offer already include a maid. There can be variations of services such as some villas will also include cooking service. These details are listed on our website in the services and price section. 
For hotels the price structures are very extensive; we don’t post these online, we simply provide quotes ‘on request basis’. If prices are not visible for any given period, just send us an email and we'll let you know what it costs. For many offers, there are also many different discount structures. These will then be sent to you in an offer proposal.

Who is my point of contact when I travel to Mauritius?
If you decide to book your dream holiday with Isla-Mauricia we will send you a list of important contact persons in your booking confirmation. Many properties also have someone on site and you will be introduced to your contact person where those are available. Else you can simply phone the office with any queries.

In which currency can I pay for the accommodation?
In Euro (€).

How can I pay in Mauritius?
The local currency is the Mauritius Rupee (MRU). You have the possibility to change money at the airport, banks and exchange offices in various towns in Mauritius. Otherwise, the following cards are generally accepted for payments or cash withdrawals: VISA CARD, American Express, MasterCard, Money Card (Prepaid Card). Cards must have the Maestro logo. 

Can I also book my flight through Isla-Mauricia?
No. We only offer accommodations, airport transfers and car rentals.

Why do I need to provide my flight details?
Isla-Mauricia requires your flight details for two main reasons. One being that all booking confirmations that we issue must contain flight details to be complete and in parallel our suppliers equally require these for their planning. Second being if you have booked your airport transfers with us. It’s important for us to know which airline you are flying on, the corresponding flight number and what time you are landing/departing. This also helps us with keeping up-to-date as to whether a flight is delayed on arrival day when we send out our drivers.

How does the airport transfer work?
The driver will be waiting for you at the exit hall with a name plate. For your return journey we always plan a timely departure from your accommodation to the airport. If you are staying in the north, the driver will pick you up around 4.5 hours before your flight. If you are lodging in the south, the driver will pick you up around 3.5 hours before. This ensures you do not miss your flight.

Why is it advisable to at least book our airport transfer on arrival?
We drive on the left in Mauritius, which after a long tiresome flight might not be the ideal moment to figure out how our road system works. On top many towns and villages barely have any street signs, house numbers nor names on the front doors of houses. For your own safety and comfort we recommend you to book at least our airport transfer for your arrival flight.

Do you recommend the use of a car rental?
Yes. For various properties that we offer it will be easier for you to get around and do your shopping with a car rental. Please note that we drive on the left in Mauritius. You can book your car rental directly with us. We can have your car rental delivered directly to your place of residence or the airport.

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