Jobs at Isla-Mauricia

Title of the position
Reservations Sales Agent, Data Entry & Text Writer for Isla-Mauricia

At our local office in Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius.

Position is open as from when?

Required Language Skills
Applicant should preferably be fluent in German, English and optional French or
at least have excellent skills in English and French.

Quick overview of Strengths & Experience Required
Ability to sell, confident to communicate with clients and partners. Work well in a team with excellent writing skills. Proactive, responsible, quick learner, and ability to work independently and in a team as well as deliver good results on time. Always punctual. 

The candidate must be able to handle a fast pace of work and manage different tasks at the same time during peak hours. Good listener, and ability to quickly grasp what is required to get done on the job. Efficient, good concentration, good usage of implemented work time schedules and eager to get work done quickly on time. 
The candidate must be able to take their own notes and manage their own to-do-lists in order not to miss out what has been requested to be completed. Very meticulous and giving good attention to the small and big details of your job. Perfectionist.

The candidate should also be a self motivator, serious and positive thinker. A natural attitude of knowing that the client comes first. Creative and efficient in text writing, descriptions, short essays, articles, blogging, forum posts, twitter and facebook messages. These tasks should be something the candidate is good at and enjoys. Grades in language skills should be excellent. Interested in improving own skills through further development courses.

Reservations & Sales

Reports to
Managing Director

Overall responsibility
To respond and process reservation requests of our clients in team.  
Work on project assignments and manage time efficiently. Input details of offers, properties and prices in our system.
Ability to write descriptions of properties that we visit such as hotels, villas, bungalows etc. and complete these on time.

Work Scenario
This is an example scenario how a day at work could look like for you in order to give you an idea of what to expect and if this is the kind of work you might be looking for.

In the morning check emails and verify which ones are the most important. Manage bookings with our reservation system. Check availabilities with partners and respond to clients questions about our offers and make some quotations or offer proposals. Process clients that have paid and confirm their bookings.

Afterwards post some messages on twitter about Mauritius or do a facebook wall post. Check our forum or post a message. Work on the description of a property. Input details of a property or update prices of offers in our system. 

Attend a meeting with the team to visit a hotel or villa for which you will need to make on site a fact sheet, interview the owner or property manager and take notes of how the place looks like. While back in the office co-workers might have questions about some clients, discuss details about certain bookings.

You might get some calls from partners or clients having questions. In some bookings details might need to be changed. Work on a wedding planning or group event. Review with your supervisor the description of a property you have created. Submit task for translations.

End the day with processing any new client requests, following up on previous requests or continue working on project assignments, descriptions or tweet and blog. (Please take note that you will be trained on how to carry out these tasks.)

Key areas of responsibility

  •     Provide travel information, itineraries and prices
  •     Analyse the needs of the clients, counsel the clients regarding their requirements  and be able to make suggestions for holidays pertaining to their expectations based on a set of criteria
  •     Use selling techniques to promote our offers
  •     Be responsible for client booking follow up, whilst ensuring that all the booking phases are implemented and validated in view of offering a quality service to the end consumer
  •     Handle customer complaints or concerns
  •     Counsel clients on terms and conditions of travel e.g. cancellation policies
  •     Book reservations and send out confirmation notices
  •     Process payments and refunds
  •     Create descriptions when doing site visits of properties

Consults with
Whole team
Managing Director

Term of employment
12 months

  •     Strong sense of customer service
  •     Good organizational skills
  •     A secondary school diploma is preferred
  •     A bachelor degree is an asset
  •     Courses in computers, languages and communications are an asset
  •     Excellent telephone manner and etiquette are required
  •     Excellent customer service skills
  •     good communication skills
  •     Detail-oriented
  •     Experience with basic computer applications
  •     Previous experience in marketing and sales is an asset
  •     Ability to do thorough research
  •     Previous cash handling experience are an asset
  •     Time management skills are an asset
  •     Knowledge of a third language is an asset

  •     Knowledge in using email clients such as thunderbird or outlook
  •     Open Office similar to Microsoft Office, basic knowledge of excel and word
  •     Knowledge of operating systems such as ubuntu linux is an asset

If you are interested in joining our team at Isla-Mauricia, Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius please send your covering letter, CV, Certificate Scans to Dietmar Reigber per email to

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