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Mauritius Map

There are several ways to reach your destinations on the island.

by foot: Many interesting places can often be reached by foot. In this way, you can see more of the country and its people and you can stop whenever you want. There is always something to discover. Side walks do not exist everywhere but that should not stop you from continuing your route. Just pay attention on passing vehicles.

by bus: Buses are the cheapest way to travel. There are different bus lines and express buses, which run normally from 6am to 7pm. Timetables do exist, but these do not hang out at the bus stops. However, you do not have to wait long for a bus in the main town areas. The stops are marked with small sign ("Bus Stop") on the roadside. When you decide in which direction you want to travel, please consider that we drive on the left. Note that the express buses do not stop at each bus stop. If unsure enquire before with the driver or ticket sales man. Tickets are very cheap and can be purchased on board from the conductor, who comes to you as soon as you take a seat. 

by taxi: day trips can also be booked with taxis. Its a negotiable. You should definitely arrange the price for the desired tour before departure. A benefit of this locomotion: the taxi driver serves as a guide and gives interesting information.

by rental car: For individual day tours you can hire a car. For more information on rental, please contact us here. You will need an international driving license. Please note that we drive on the left. Often there are no street signs and street lights in Mauritius in remote areas. Thus, avoid driving at night for your own safety.
Note: If you're travelling with small children, please ask for kids seats while booking.

by tour providers: Of course you can also participate in guided tours which you can book with various tour operators in town. 

by bike: This option is becoming increasingly popular in Mauritius. The rental of mountain bikes is offered by some private agencies and also by some hotels. You can also take part on a guided mountain bike tour. You will find some more information here.
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