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Population of Mauritius

The 1.2 Million inhabitants of the island Mauritius look back on a past full of constant changes. The people are descendents of European colonists, African slaves, Pirates, Indian coolies and Chinese merchants. Today the island is a melting pot of all these cultures. A kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions awaits the traveler: during his trip on the island he can eat at French, Indian, Chinese or Kreol restaurants, he sees women in saris and European dresses, he listens to music from Africa, India and Europe. Every ethnic group which lives in Mauritius has brought along its cultural heritage. This cultural manifoldness is what makes Mauritius such an extraordinary holiday destination! Some visitors leave the island with the impression of having made a small journey around the world.

The Mauritian population has its roots all around the world. People of Indian descent form the majority of the population (69%). Kreols, the descendants of the African slaves represent ca. 25% of the population, Christian Europeans ca. 3%. The religious beliefs of the population of Mauritius are as manifold as their ethnic background is: ca. 52% are Hindus, 30% Christians, 10% Muslims and 2% Buddhists.
But there is one thing that all these people have in common: they see themselves as Mauritians!

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