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Burnout – Mauritius will help you to enjoy life again

Burnout – ‘to feel burnt out’. Burnt out…what does that mean? According to the number of people suffering from burnout symptoms since 2004 “has increased almost nine-fold from 8 to more than 72 per 1,000 employees” (Klaus Werle,, 24/05/2012). With such a dramatic increase in those affected, we need to begin to deal with this issue.

So what is burnout?
Burnout describes the behaviour of a person who has suffered multiple breakdowns as a result of persistent hard work. Determined and dedicated people in management positions are particularly at risk of suffering from burnout. They want to help improve situations at their work, they are often idealists and want to experience success and will give an abundance of effort and motivation. But disappointments are a given. When people face several disappointments there is the risk of ‘feeling burnt out’. This is what we refer to as burnout.

It always starts with excessive commitment. People can’t switch off, which leads to insomnia and a resulting lack of energy. Those affected are no longer able to use their free time to rest because they can only focus on work. This leads to a decrease in dedication to work. People become exhausted and withdraw. The final stages include disorientation, feelings of anxiety and helplessness and a lack of interest. The emotional withdrawal leads to a social withdrawal. Work is only be carried out with great effort and people tend to suffer from chronic stress.

The Gezeiten Haus Clinic in Bonn says that even 20 minutes of targeted relaxation can be a big help for those who suffer from burnout. Be it meditation or a walk, the main thing is that you’re far away from work. A healthy diet is also important. Food is not just an activity – food keeps us alive. You need to learn to take time for meals and enjoy them. Furthermore, you need an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep is the basis for a good start to the day. Make time for a good amount of sleep. Relaxation is the key word.

Particular massages can work wonders, whether carried out by a partner, a friend or even a hot stone full body massage by a qualified masseur. At this point we would like to talk about ‘Mauritius – the island without borders’. A walk on the beach, a refreshing sea breeze, lush greenery and spa packages at the hotel; these are all good prevention measures! Those suffering from burnout are not only physically, but also mentally affected, so it’s not enough to just stay away from work.

In the Meridien Wellness Luxury Hotel & Spa they offer a Health Retreat Programme. As the name suggests, this programme focuses on bringing about a renewal of health.
With yoga and Ayurveda treatments, modern fitness and special diet concepts, guests will feel like they’re in heaven. Guests will be reminded, or made more aware, of how wonderful life is. They will leave the hotel with a positive attitude. A health consultant will take care of each customer and create a tailored daily plan for them. You can find more information here

Those who are suffering need to do something, specifically for their comfort and their road to recovery. A combination of relaxation, good food and exercise can be the solution to enjoying life again. You might call it a health retreat. Without a doubt, if you are no longer able to enjoy your leisure time, or have noticed that work is demanding too much of you, then you should take a break and try to forget your responsibilities.
Of course, there are other ways to relax. But why not just come to Mauritius?

Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean and is so small that you have to zoom in on Google Maps to see the small island next to Madagascar. The island is approx. 10,000 km away from England. If you’re travelling such a long distance then the first step is already done; being far away from work and your familiar surroundings. Mauritius is a completely different world; it represents sunshine and carelessness. Mauritians are relaxed inhabitants who will want to sell you cheap coconuts and Dholl Puri, an Indian snack. A holiday in Mauritius can be a beach holiday, or a wellness package holiday, or you can go on watersport and catamaran trips or other hiking tours. Mauritius represents diversity in a very small area. Mauritius is only 2,040m2 and each square metre offers a new adventure.
Many hotels have discovered the importance of wellness packages and are continuously expanding their offers. According to many doctors, physiotherapists and counsellors, two 30-minute treatments per week should be enough for you to find relaxation. Relaxation should be your goal. You need to find your inner peace, in order to find a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Imagine this:
7am in the morning, the sun slowly rises and shines on the ebony trees, shining through your window or curtains and slowly waking you up...whether you stay in bed or start your day is up to you. The important thing is: no stress. The birds sing, the sea glistens under the touch of the first rays of sunshine, there is bustle on the streets as people start to open their shops and the food stands prepare for the day, many Mauritian friends say: Mauritius is not a place to sleep because then you might miss something. Ultimately, everyone sleeps, maybe not overnight, but during the day on the beach in the fresh sea breeze (it’s much nicer than lying in bed)…so what could this day be like? Breakfast is very important because you start the day strengthened! You could start your day at the beach lying on a towel or on a large sun lounger, or maybe even begin the day with a massage. You could book a catamaran tour or go to wonderful beaches like Blue Bay or Trou aux Biches where you can snorkel and enjoy watching the colourful fish. What could you do next? You could have lunch in the hotel, or in one of the numerous restaurants. Or if you’re not very hungry you could go to one of the stands on the beach. After that…you could sit in a bar and listen to some live music. Especially in the North there are lots of bars in which you’ll find live music being performed. Allow yourself to be carried away by the Sega sounds; the favourite music of the Mauritians. Or sit on the beach and enjoy the stunning sunset.

Mauritius is a place where planning is superfluous. You just have to get up and try to switch off…you have to start to live. Because the island is so diverse and the people are so open and friendly, you are often encouraged to do something spontaneous and experience something new…you could travel to the neighbouring island of Ile aux Cerfs or stay on the beach and enjoy some fresh pineapple. If you are open to the island then a trip to Mauritius is the best way to find relaxation.

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