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School Holidays Mauritius

Mauritius, that small, beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, is the perfect location for a family holiday. With the safe and gentle waters of the lagoon and the fine, white sandy beaches, what could be safer for children? The obvious attraction of the sea, however, is not the only reason to visit the island of Mauritius with children. The suitability of the weather during the long, European summer holidays, the hospitality of the people and the huge number of different activities available make this one of the most perfect destinations in the world.

During the European summer holidays, technically it is winter in Mauritius although don’t let this fool you. The average winter temperature is 24ºC, with the sea temperature dropping from the summer high of 29°C to about 20°C. During the winter months there is also a welcome drop in humidity and although moderate winds are not unknown in this season, they are fairly negligible. In further contrast to the European summers, there is not much difference in daylight hours between summer and winter on the island. The tropical location means that it gets dark at about six o’clock in the evening during the winter months and roughly an hour later during the summer. With day-long sunshine, however, this is nothing to worry about.

What then, does Mauritius have to offer specifically for children?
Most private accommodation alternatives are also very child-friendly and, even if they do not offer specific kids’ clubs, they will have plenty of suggestions for activities throughout the stay. There is, for example, a nature park at Casela in the west of the island, the snorkellers’ paradise of Blue Bay in the south and the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens to the north.

In the Casela Yemen Nature Reserve, close to Flic en Flac in the west, there are numerous different African and Asian animals including the often cited but seldom seen combination of lions and tigers. Walking with the lions is now offered at Casela, as is walking without them; there are many different hiking and walking trails available and the enormous tawny felines come as an optional extra.

What ever your requirements for a memorable family holiday, let Isla-Mauricia take the stress out of booking a holiday and provide a perfectly tailor-made package for your family.

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